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Doggy & Cat  Paradise
in Hua Hin, Thailand
062 620 4416  WhatsApp and LINE


Checklist & Policies

Checklist of what you should do before you take your cat to us:


  1. Food - please provide or prepare enough food to last for the duration of their stay with us. Dry food is included. 

  2. Veterinarian's name, address, phone number, just in case your pet needs to go to the vet (routine or emergency).

  3. Proof of Vaccinations is what you will have to bring to us at check-in.  

  4. Have a contact in the neighborhood or local area that can be reached in the case of an emergency and exchange the names of Doggy & Cat Paradise with them, so we not only have theirs, they have ours in case they need to get a hold of us.

  5. Specific directions which we will go over together about your pets needs, quirks or anxieties

  6. Medications, how to administer, how often, what the medication is for and what to look out for. We need to know how the medication needs to be administered precisely. Please make sure before you leave that you have enough to last while you are gone and have extra in case your trip is delayed.  For medical treatment we charge 100 THB plus per day.

  7. Sign the Terms and Agreement with Doggy & Cat Paradise.

If you are leaving your pet at Doggy &Cat Paradise you will need:


  • We will talk about the general Terms and Agreements with Cat Paradise 

  • Food - if any special food desired/Medications

  • Crate for the transportation

  • we provide bedding, but if your cat likes its own, you are welcome to bring it along

  • Toys (do.)

  • Snacks (no rawhides please)

  • Anything else to make your pet feel comfortable at our place.



Please take the time to read this section of our policies and procedures. 


  • Specific care of your pets.

  • Veterinarian contact information and medical arrangements. 

  • Your travel contact information and destination (itinerary).

Quantity of Pets

We provide 5% reduction for every additional cat. (or if you have a dog with us as well).


Please always make make an appointment and if possible come to have a look at our place prior to your cats stay.

Checkin time is  8.30am  and latest check out time for all cats are no later than 5:00 pm.

We work with you on allowing you to drop-off the night before, but no later than 5pm, especially if you have an early schedule, for that we will charge a 1/2 day fee plus night. 

All new boarding customers are required to deposit  50% of the amount to secure their dates of service.

Prices, per day, incl. night.     480 THB. 

5% deduction for each additional animal (cat or dog).

5% deduction for 1 month+  

10% deduction for 3 months plus

15% deduction  for 6 months plus

Payment for Services

We accept cash and  Bank transfer, QR   (Bangkok Bank  419-7-13400-2)


Refunds & Cancellation of Service

Payment is expedited at time of service and IF you must cancel service before service begins; we reserve the right to charge you 100% for that first visit if the cancellation occurs within a 24 hour window for all customers. 

Returning Home Early

If you return early from your trip with a 24 hour notice you will be refunding any remaining days with credit applied to future services with us.  


Emergency Services

If your pet needs to go to the vet for emergency services or a regularly scheduled vet visit of which you need our services, customers are charged for our driving service.

400 Baht per way up to 10km  (Tan Diao)

600 Baht per way up to 20 km 

800 Baht per way up to 20 km 

Per way means - to go (amount) and to return (amount).


Aggressive Animals/Safety Issues

We do not offer our services to animals with aggressive behaviour. If your animal has bitten anyone in the past or shows aggressive behavior we will not be able to help you. We ask you to please make other arrangements. 

In addition we reserve the right to refuse certain breeds with a disposition of aggressive behaviors. This reduces aggression in animals. If they aren't spayed they will have to be apart from others. 



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